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Wheelchair Wheels

Wheelchair Wheels

A Guide To Wheelchair Wheels

Do you have a cool wheelchair that you are proud of? Are you looking for a way to take your wheelchair to the next level? Consider getting some quality wheelchair wheels. Today, there are more options in wheelchair wheels than ever before. There are wheelchair wheels which maximize performance and minimize weight and there are wheelchair wheels which add bling bling to your wheelchair. This article will give an overview of the many different flavors of wheelchair wheels.

Rear Wheelchair Wheels

Rear wheelchair wheels come in several varieties. The first type are the standard 36 spoke wheelchair wheels which typically come with a wheelchair. We won't discuss these here. The standard wheelchair wheels look like bicycle wheels. Buying these wheelchair wheels for a cool wheelchair is like skipping the ice cream when you just bought a delicious piece of cake. You do it because you spent so much money on the cake that you feel a tang of regret forking out more money for the ice cream even though it would probably taste pretty yummy. But possibly later on, the temptation hits you and you start thinking about that ice cream you passed up. So, we will discuss the other varieties of wheelchair wheels: cool wheelchair wheels, high performance wheelchair wheels. 

Cool Wheelchair Wheels

Three Spoke X-Core Wheelchair Wheels: What's not to like about X-Core wheelchair wheels? These cool three spoke wheelchair wheels look great. If cool wheelchair wheel design is what you are looking for, three spoke X-Core wheelchair wheels have it. Black X-Cores are also amongst the least expensive options for cool wheelchair wheels (Note: colored X-Cores are a bit more expensive, but I like black better anyway).

Billet Wheelchair Wheels are very cool wheels made from a piece of solid (usually) aluminum. Billet wheelchair wheels give the possibility of interesting shapes and patterns in the wheel. With billet wheelchair wheels you can have any shape or pattern in your wheelchair wheels, rather than the more typical spoke wheel. The disadvantage of billet wheelchair wheels is that, since there is more metal, there is typically more weight. Also, billet wheelchair wheels may not be as strong as some spoke wheelchair wheels. But billet wheelchair wheels look cool.

Some companies also offer wheelchair wheels with spinners. What are wheelchair wheels with spinners? Glad you asked. You have seen spinners on pimped out vans and cars. Spinners rotate when the car wheel turns. Then when the car stops, the spinners continue to spin, giving a cool look to the vehicle. Now spinners are available for wheelchairs too. But be careful, spinners can add a great deal of weight to wheelchair wheels.

Hi Performance Wheelchair Wheels

Spinergy is currently the leader in ultra-lightweight, strong, durable wheelchair wheels. Spinergy Spox wheelchair wheels weigh between 1.6-1.7 lbs (.6kg) depending on the wheel size. Spinergy is the wheelchair wheel to buy if:

*You want a wheelchair wheel for sport on any other activity,

*Weight is an issue for you and you want the lightest, strongest wheelchair wheel possible

*You just like the way that Spinergy wheelchair wheels look

To me Spinergy wheelchair wheels do not look alot different than the standard spoke wheelchair wheels that come standard with wheelchairs. But some people think they look pretty cool. Like X-Core, Spinergy wheelchair wheels come in a variety of colors. But unlike X-Cores, Spinergy wheelchair wheels are available in 24,25 and 26 inch wheels which means you can buy them without adjusting your wheelchair much. If you are looking for a light weight strong wheelchair wheel, Spinergy is the wheel to buy.

Wheelchair Caster Wheels

A discussion about wheelchair wheels would not be complete without a quick mention about those tiny wheelchair wheels up front, the wheelchair casters. Currently, you have a few options in the selection of your wheelchair casters:

* Size: The trade off on size with wheelchair casters is, maneuverability versus stability. In other words, the smaller the caster wheels, the more maneuverable the wheelchair will be, that is, the quicker and easier the wheelchair will turn. Sounds good, right? What is the downside of small casters? The smaller the caster the easier the front of your wheelchair will be swallowed by cracks and holes in the side walk. The more likely it is that if you hit a bump in the road that you will pitch forward. The more likely you will get stuck in soft earth and grass. In short, if you live in a very well maintained area with few bumps, holes, cracks in the streets and sidewalks, go for small casters. If you are like most people and find that the world around you is full of moon-sized craters, go for larger casters.

* Firmness: Simply put, Soft Casters have a comfy roll, while hard casters are more efficient. With hard casters you are going to feel every bump and crack you roll over. With very soft and cushy casters it is like pushing on a flat tire, you will need to push that much harder.

* Material: Magnesium or Aluminum casters. Magnesium casters tend to be lighter, but many people prefer the look of aluminum.

* Caster configuration: Solid (MAG) or Spoke: Having a solid/MAG caster will add some weight to your wheelchair. But as they are solid, they are stronger and can reduce maintenance as there is less to go wrong.

* Tire: Pneumatic (air) or solid tires (polyurethane): Pneumatic tires, mean tires with air in them. They are rare these days, but can still be found. Pneumatic casters are frankly inconvenient. Like any tire filled with air, they lose pressure and must be refilled. Also, they can go flat. However, air filled tires are more cushy than solid casters removing alot of the vibration from the road. Also, pneumatic casters will make your wheelchair last longer. Since there is less vibration, there is less long term damage to your wheelchair. Solid (polyurethane) casters are a bit heavier and less comfortable, but they make up for the discomfort in convenience.

* Light Up Casters: Ok, we have all seen them, those cool casters that light up, flash and blink as the wheelchair roles.  Kids and many adults love them. Also, they do add a certain safety factor making your wheelchair more visible at night.

Wheelchair Wheel Accessories

There are many things you can do to accessorize your wheelchair wheels. It would be an impossible task to cover everything. However, we present a few options to demonstrate what can be done to accessorize your wheelchair wheels.

Wheelchair Wheel Hand-Grips: Many therapist recommend ergonomically designed handrims. Ergonomically designed handrims are more efficient and comfortable as there is greater surface area of contact with the hand and they are designed for a more natural grip. As can be seen in the photo, the grip area fits almost completely into the hand.  Most users prefer the comfort of a ergonomically designed handgrip. Downside? Ergonomically designed handgrips are a bit more expensive and because there is more metal, they weight a little bit more.

Wheelchair Wheel Spoke Guards: Wheelchair wheel spoke guards serve two purposes. First, spoke guards keep fingers from getting caught in spokes. While this is not very frequent for adults, it only has to happen once to have a permanent impact on the hand. Second, wheelchair spoke guards can add a great deal of personality to the wheels. A new set of spoke guards can change the look of the wheelchair and make a dull wheelchair seem exciting again.
Wheelchair Wheel Spoke Reflectors: Spoke reflectors improve nighttime wheelchair safety and fun. These wheelchair wheel spoke reflectors are ultra-lightweight and can help to make the wheelchair more visible at night. They clip onto the spokes of the wheelchair wheel. Each wheelchair wheel spoke reflector is ultra-lightweight (only 1 gram each). Best of all you can create interesting patterns with the spoke reflectors and make your wheelchair look cool at night. Watch the video below:
Wheelchair Wheel Covers: Wheelchair Wheel Covers cover the wheelchair wheel to keep dirt and filth from spreading in your house. Simply put on the wheelchair wheel covers before coming in the house. Wheelchair wheel covers go on easily and are machine washable.
Wheelchair Wheel Covers

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