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Wheelchair Umbrella

Wheelchair Umbrella

Brella Buddy
RehaDesign's Wheelchair Umbrella Holder

Finally a hands free wheelchair umbrella holder which does not require attaching anything to your wheelchair! No heavy accessories to carry around with you when it is not raining. The Brella Buddy, RehaDesign's hands free wheelchair umbrella holder will hold your umbrella for you and protect you from the rain while keeping your hands free to propel your wheelchair.

The Brella Buddy hands free wheelchair umbrella holder is designed with a two strap, adjustable system to hold it comfortably in place. There are two pockets inside, including a netted zip pocket to hold valuables and a larger inner pocket large enough to hold a collapsible umbrella when it is not raining. If it is a particularly windy day attach your belt to the built-in loop on the back for extra holding power.

Manufactured from 100% lightweight nylon, the Brella Buddy hands free umbrella holder is water resistant, tear resistant and weighs less than 250 grams (less than 9 ounces). This hands free wheelchair umbrella holder is quality made and won't hold you down.

The Brella Buddy Wheelchair Umbrella Holder can be used with most straight handle umbrellas. If your umbrella stem is too short, close the snap in the holding mechanism to hold the umbrella a bit higher. However, a long stem umbrella is recommended for best results.

Square-A-Sol Umbrella

Although you can use almost any straight handled umbrella with the Brella Buddy hands free umbrella holder, we think that the Square-A-Sol Umbrella is one of the best. Why?

The Square-A-Sol Umbrella collapses to a compact 33 cm (13 inches) and fits nicely in the inside pocket of the Brella Buddy.

Square-A-Sol Fits Inside Of Brella Buddy

When opened, the Square-A-Sol has a square canopy measuring 84 cm (33 inches) on any side. The umbrella canopy is square, similar in shape to the wheelchair. This gives the wheelchair user ideal coverage and allows you to pass more easily through crowds and doorways.

The umbrella shaft has not two segments like most collapsible umbrellas, but THREE segments.  When fully opened the Square-A-Sol shaft measures 73 cm from the handle bottom to the top of the stem, giving the wheelchair user more headroom. The only type of umbrella with more headroom, will be a non-collapsible (golf) umbrella. But a collapsible umbrella will be more convenient to carry in the pocket of the Brella Buddy.

Square-A-Sol Dimensions


Square-A-Sol And Brella Buddy
(color shown is not yet availble)

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