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Wheelchair Rental

Wheelchair and Wheelchair Van Rental

Wheelchair and Wheelchair Van Rental
(Note: we do not rent wheelchairs. Click to see a list of International Wheelchair and Van Rental Companies)

Wheelchair and Wheelchair van rental can make travel much easier for a wheelchair user. Wheelchair rental solves several problems for travelers:

  • Wheelchairs are often damaged during air travel by baggage handlers or shifting cargo. On international flights liability for damage to wheelchairs may be limited to under $1300

  • Wheelchairs built for one environment, may not function optimally in another enviornment. For example, in the USA and northern Europe most wheelchairs are built with 3 inch casters (front wheels) because these are more maneuverable. But in many countries casters are 5 inch or larger. The reason is that many in many countries streets and sidewalks may have holes, cracks and uneven surfaces that make wheelchairs unstable. Another example is that in some countries the doorways may be quite narrow and furniture may be placed more closely together. As a result, European wheelchairs are often narrower and shorter than those found in the US.

  • If your wheelchair or scooter is power operated, it may not work in other countries without some kind of adaptor. In the USA 110 volts is standard, but in much of the world 220 volts is standard. Before traveling check to see if your power wheelchair or scooter has a built in transformer. If not, you may need to take one with you. Further just about every country has its own standard of plug and power socket. A few examples are shown in the photo but plugs vary greatly from country to country.

  • If something on your wheelchair breaks you may find it difficult to get it repaired when traveling abroad as many spare parts will be difficult to find in foreign countries. If you do take your own wheelchair, take an emergency repair kit with you.

    Renting a wheelchair solves all of these problems for you. The wheelchair you rent may not fit you as well as your own, but it will most likely fit the environment that you are traveling to as it was made to be used there.

    Wheelchair van rental will give a wheelchair user mobility in foreign countries. Some developed countries have accessible public transport, but many countries do not. Having access to a wheelchair van or adapted vehicle means you will be freely mobile wherever you travel.

    Before renting any equipment be sure to clarify:

  • Is there delivery or will you have to pick it up?
  • Is a deposit required?
  • Always do a thorough damage inspection before you accept delivery. Note any damage on the receipt before you sign it and make sure you keep a copy.
  • What do you do if the equipment breaksdown or needs repair?
  • If renting for a long term, find out about maintenance requirements.
  • What is your financial liability in case of loss or damage?
  • Is insurance covered in the cost or is it additional?
  • Are you allowed to take the vehicle or equipment out of state or out of the country?
  • Do you understand how to use it? If not, make sure you receive a users manual in your language.
  • For vehicles such as scooters and vans make sure you understand if the insurance covers liability, medical and collision damage.
  • Check the legal situation, as each country will likely have different requirements. If renting a vehicle will your drivers license be acceptable? Are there any other documents you will be required to bring with you?

    Below are links to wheelchair and wheelchair van rental companies from around the world. As a rule we have avoided including travel agencies which supply equipment as they will generally act as 'go betweens' and increase the cost of the wheelchair rental. However, in rare cases travel agencies are included. We communicated with some but not all of the organizations listed below. We can not be certain that the information listed on the websites is correct and up to date.

  • Wheelchair And Wheelchair Van Rental Companies

    Wheelchair And Wheelchair Van Rental Companines


  • Flashcab Rentals rents wheelchair accessible vans in the Goldcoast and Brisbane Regions in Queensland Australia.
  • Canada

  • Freedom Van Rental and Sales, Located in Delta, BC has been providing quality wheelchair-adapted van rentals and sales since 1997.
  • Mexico

  • Accessible Mexico organizes airport transfers with accessible vans, wheelchair rental, van and scooter rental in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    New Zealand

  • Mobility Vehicles for all wheelchair and mobility vehicle hire needs plus a guide to wheelchair acceisble accommodation, dinng and sightseeing throughout New Zealand.


  • Wheelchair Rental and Transfers: New Generation Tours is located in Algarve, Portugal. They specialize in working with disabled people providing airport transfers in accessible vans and also renting mobility equipment.
  • Accessible Portugal offers accessible holidays, transfers, accommodations and wheelchair rentals.

    Spain (including Canary Islands)

  • Cosmo Scooter in Barcelona rents mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs.

  • Sol Mobility a Gran Canaria Mobility & Disabled Services Provider for holiday rental and repairs of wheelchairs, mobility scooters and all other disability equipment in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.

    United Kingdom

  • Disabled Vehicles offers hire or for sale disabled vehicles Nationwide in the UK.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Fully adapted vehicles for hire and sale.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles offers wheelchair cars for hire or sale in Manchester.
  • Eddie Manning offers London Wheelchair Rental and/or a London transfer service. He can meet arrivals at Heathrow airport, with wheelchair for rent.


  • Scootaround serves over 1500 locations across North America with delivery and pickup right to your door. Scootaround is the only company in the World that performs Airline Equipment Repair.
  • Wheelers Accessible Wheelchair Van Rentals provides van rentals for the handicapped and disabled that include mobility equipment, ramps and lift systems in 350 cities across the USA.

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