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Wheelchair Lights

Wheelchair Light

wUnderglow Wheelchair Light

Light Your Way To Safety and FUN!


wUnderGlow Wheelchair Light provides three options to increase safety and accessorize your wheelchair in a fun and cool way:

1. The white micro-light to light your way

2. The multi-colored micro-light will increase your visibility

3. The multicolored flashing micro-light when pointed directly beneath the wheelchair gives a cool "UnderGlow" effect.


wUnderGlow Wheelchair Light System Kit includes:
A white micro-light to light your way 
A multi-colored strobing micro-light for visibility and "Underglow"
A 360 degree rotatable clip. Point the light in any direction
2  replaceable batteries (CR 2016 lithium) in each light
Available with an optional second clip to use both lights at the same
FREE worldwide shipping by registered parcel post 

wUnderglow Wheelchair Light is ultralight: Clip plus micro-light weigh ONLY 10 grams (0.3oz)!!


Be Visible With wUnderglow Wheelchair Light!

Price includes cost of shipping by registered international post.

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