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Wheelchair Armrest Pets

Wheelchair Armrest Pets

Wheelchair Armrest Pets

Euro 39 for Two Pets, Including Shipping!

(Note: Fits wheelchair armrests of 12 inch / 30.5cm OR LESS)


Want to have someone with you to make you smile all day? Someone cuddly and soft to make you feel warm inside? Cover your wheelchair armrests with soft animals that will keep you company all day. Wheelchair armrest pets are designed to be worn over wheelchair armrests. Your wheelchair armrests have to be 12 inches (or 30.5cm) OR LESS.

Wheelchair armrest pets look just like a stuffed toy animals. They have stuffed toy heads and stretchy bodies to fit over wheelchair armrests. Wheelchair armrest pets feature a slider button that allows you to adjust it to the length of your wheelchair armrests as long as they are under 12 inches (or 30.5cm).

Each of the wheelchair armrest pets has a personality. Choose between a Dog, Frog, Hippo, Bunny, Duck, Penguin, Monkey or Lion.


We like to call our Dog "Wheelie the Pup"!
Complete with tail, curious nose and tiny feet Wheelie will be pleased to accompany you on all your walks.

Scroll down to order Dog Wheelchair Armrest Pet





Simply frogalicious, in bright green and yellow colors, Mr.Frog will always brighten up your mood.

Scroll down to order Frog Wheelchair Armrest Pet





You cannot resist the charms of Hippo-po-Tomas.

In light lilac colors with pastel pink details, this Hippo is absolutely charming.

Scroll down to order Hippo Wheelchair Armrest Pet





Our cute bunny is fashionably pink!

She has long ears, fluffy white tail and will become a fun accessory for your chair and a joy for you!

Scroll down to order Bunny Wheelchair Armrest Pet






Meet Sunshine!

This Little Duck in happy yellow and orange colours will be a ray of sunshine on your wheelchair armrests and always bring smile to your face.

Scroll down to order Duck Wheelchair Armrest Pet





Peter the Penguin is always dressed up and looking serious.

But trust us he is the cool dude! Hell be happy to chill out with you all day long!

Scroll down to order Penguin Wheelchair Armrest Pet





If you have a silly streak then take home Mike The Monkey. Mike will love to "monkey around" on your wheelchair armrests. Look at his happy smiling face - you'll never be bored again!

Scroll down to order Monkey Wheelchair Armrest Pet


He is the King of Jungle but with you he will be as soft as a kitten!

Cute and fluffy charming red head Larry the Lion.

Scroll down to order Lion Wheelchair Armrest Pet





Price includes worldwide shipping!

Please order ONLY if wheelchair armrests are 12 inches/30.5cm OR LESS

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