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Used Wheelchairs

Used Wheelchair Donations

Where Can I Donate A Used Wheelchair?

Do you have a used wheelchair that you are not using? Why not donate your used wheelchair to a good cause? There are many charities which accept used wheelchair donations and then fix them up and give them to people who need a wheelchair but can not afford a new one. Usually, you will need to find a wheelchair charity near you. Some may arrange to pick up the used wheelchair. Others will require you to drop off the used wheelchair.

Also, if you are looking for a used wheelchair and are in financial need, many of these charities repair used wheelchairs and provide people with disabilities a quality used wheelchair for free or at low cost.

Finally at the bottom of this article are two websites where you can offer or buy used wheelchairs not via charities but to or from other individuals.

Wheelchair charities which accept donated used wheelchairs:


UCP Wheels for Humanity


Chariots of Hope (Collects wheelchairs through out New England)


Star Network


The Kids Equipment Network


Equipment Exchange


Wheelchair Recycler


Roll With It

South Carolina

Star Network


Bridge Disability Ministries


Wheelchair Recycling Program

National (Multi-State) Organizations

These organizations offer used wheelchair collection across the USA.

Hope Haven


Wheels for the World

These are two national websites to offer your used wheelchair directly to another person

Life Net

Handi Exchange

If you know of a charity which accepts used wheelchair donations, contact us and we will include it.

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