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Rim Covers

RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Push Rim Covers

RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Push Rim covers are specially designed to improve grip, traction and the style of your wheelchair. These quality wheelchair push rim covers are designed to be flexible, comfortable and yet grippy. They protect your hands while making it easier to grasp the push rim covers. With RehaDesign's Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Rim Covers you can enjoy the benefit of improved traction, higher speed and free hands. No more ice cold fingers in the winter from grabbing those metal push rims. No burnt hands in the summer from touching push rim covers baked in the summer sun.

They are tough, yet gentle to the eyes. In addition to classical black Ultra-Grrrip Push Rim Covers come in six gorgeous colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink and Purple.

For quadriplegics and other people with limited hand mobility who prefer extreme grip, we offer Ultra-Grrrip Groovy Push Rim Covers. Groovy Push Rim Covers have a special treaded finish, like the treads of a tire. These special grooves or treads dramatically improve the grip, but may also increase the friction to the hand so some may find that gloves are necessary when using Groovy Push Rim Covers. Groovy Push Rim Covers are only available for 24 inch wheelchair wheels and are only available in black.

All RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Push Rim Covers go on in seconds, with no tools or difficult mounting required as can be seen in this demonstration video"

And for those who like wearing wheelchair gloves, Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Push Rim Covers combined with Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Gloves offer amazing grip and increased maneuvering abilities. Nothing can beat the combination of RehaDesign's Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Gloves and RehaDesign's Ultra-Grrrip Rim Covers for improved traction, maneuverability and wheelchair speed!

How To Order Wheelchair Rim Covers

Order wheelchair rim covers by tire size, NOT the size of the rims. The tire size is generally printed on the tire.

Price includes:

* Two Ultra-Grrrip Push Rim Covers

* FREE shipping worldwide by registered post:

Select The Size and Type of Pushrim Covers


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