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Marty Mayberry

Interview with Marty Mayberry

Exclusive Interview With Marty Mayberry

Gold Medal Winner at the 2010 Aspen World Cup

In the week before the 2010 Paralympics many of the top disabled skiiers competed at the Aspen World Cup. Australian Marty Mayberry won Gold at Aspen. We contacted Marty through the Australian Paralympics organization and Marty kindly agreed to an interview. Due to the fact that he was focusing on the upcoming Paralympics, we agreed to keep this interview brief. But we are hoping that when Marty has more time, he will agree to a "Part II" and tell us more about his himself and his experience at Aspen and the Paralympics.

Gene Emmer: First, congratulations on winning a gold medal at the Aspen World Cup last week. Would you say that this is your best performance in this level event?

Marty Mayberry: Thank you, It was a great week in Aspen at the World cup Finals and myself and the team had some great results. I would say that this is my best performance as the level of the competitors was stronger than ever.

Gene: Marty, this is your second Paralympic competition. How does this time compare to 2006 in Torino? Do you feel less nervous? Better prepared?

Marty: I feel much more relaxed coming into the 2010 Paralympic games. I think having experienced it before really helps and I know what to expect. I feel like I am skiing better than I was in the lead up to the 2006 Paralympic Games and I am much more confident as a result.

Gene: What should fans be looking for at the 2010 Winter Paralympic event in Whistler? Who do you think will be the toughest competitors?

Marty: I think that the events in Whistler will all be great to watch. The alpine events are taking place on a great course, and the level of competition is the highest it has ever been. Expect to see a very tight race and the athletes really putting it on the line. In my class, some of my biggest competition are my team mates, Toby Kane and Cameron Rahles. They are in top form and I hope to be seeing them on the podium.

Gene: What advice would you give to someone who is just recently injured and wants to be where you are in 2014? How does one get started becoming a Paralympian?

Marty: I know when I was in rehabilitation I found it really tough. The things that kept me going were the fact that there are so many great opportunities for people with disabilities, especially in sport. The Australian Paralympic Committee runs talent identification camps which aim to help talented athletes find their way into competitive sport. The many clubs catering for disabled athletes are a great starting point.

Gene: You are only 24 and you seem to be at the top of your game now. Where do you go from here? What happens after the Paralympics? Is there a possibility of competing in the Olympics?

Marty: I am skiing well, and hope to be successful at these games. I think from here I will have to see where sport will take me. I have more life commitments in the next few years, so I will have to see how I can balance sport and these. I hope to stay involved with Paralympic sport at some level, as it has been very kind to me.

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