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Jobs For Disabled People

Jobs For Disabled People

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5 Tele-commute

Tele-commuting is the answer for many people with disabilities. Using your computer and telephone, you can work from your home for one company or for a variety of companies.

For example, in the USA, there are at least two well respected non-profit organizations which offer people with disabilities "work from home" type jobs. You must qualify for social security and will likely be referred to these agencies via the Ticket To Work Program mentioned above.

National Telecommuting Institute is a government subsidized agency which helps people with disabilities find "work from home" jobs. Typical jobs include working for the IRS and AAA. You may work for a call center handling calls for state agencies such as the Immigration or Naturalization service, or you could handle calls for Alamo car rental. To use the services of NTI you must be registered with your state vocational rehabilitation agency.

J Lodge hires Americans with disabilities with years of business and customer experience executing services in quality call monitoring, call center operations and employee contracting.

6. Go Virtual

Similar to tele-commuting, a new "work from home" type job is that of a "Virtual Assistant". But while tele-commuting is often about call-center type work, virtual assistants usually provide administrative support, often for small companies. Virtual Assistants usually have several years of actual office experience before making the transition to the virtual world, but it is not necessary. Learn more about becoming a Virtual Assistants from a Virtual Assistant Forum an article about Virtual Assistants or buy the authoritative book and learn to become a highly successful, sought after Virtual Assistant.

7. Work For Yourself From Home

Do you have some skills with the computer? Can you build a simple website? If so, consider creating a website with content about some topic where you have in-depth knowledge. For example, if you are a photography enthusiast, or know about photographic equipment, create a website about the different type of equipment on the market. Do you enjoy travel? Create a travel related website. Like sports? Develop a website about sports memorabilia, or devoted to your favorite sports team. Are you a hobby seamstress? Create a website with sewing tips or showing off your favorite patterns. If you have interesting and unique content related to a popular niche market, it is likely you will draw traffic to your website. With sufficient traffic, earning money is very simple with website advertisements. There are several options for website advertisement including:

* Affiliate program such as: ShareASale, ClickJunction or LinkShare

* Pay Per Click Ads with Adsense Ads from Google or Microsoft Adcenter

* Online retailers such as Amazon.com or Buy.com

In all of the cases above, opening up an account is free and easy. Once you have an account, you get a certain code from their website which has your account number inside. You place their code in your website and the code will automatically generate text or product advertisements. Depending on the agreement, you will earn money either when someone clicks on an advertisement, or when someone clicks an ad and then buys a product.

If you have no website building skills, there are still options available for you. You can use a website builder. Website builders are offered for free or low cost by most hosting companies such as Godaddy (Website Tonight) and Bravenet (Website Wizard). Website builders simplify the process of creating a website so that no knowledge of HTML, the coding behind websites, is necessary.

Alternatively, some sites simplify the process of building websites and earning money. For example, with Squidoo you can build a free "Lens" and with Hubpages you can build a free "Hub". Lenses and Hubs are essentially one page websites. These sites offer you modules to easily embed Amazon or other affiliate products and earn money. Although there is no cost to using these sites you share your revenues with the website. You will not earn as much compared to owning your own website. But for someone with no website building skills Squidoo and Hubpages are a good way to start.

CAUTION: There are many so called "experts" who will sell you services, such website design or SEO services promising to get your website to the top of search engines. Avoid them. Most of what you need to do you can probably learn to do on your own at no or little cost.

Not sure which direction to go? Pick two or more from the possibilities above. Chances are in time one will work for you and be more successful than the others. That success may help to point you in the right direction.

Other Job Related Resources 

Earn Works: Employment resources for people with disabilities

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Lift: Jobs for people with disabilities in information technology

Disabled Person: Job board for people with disabilities

Please let us know which of the possibilities discussed in this article are most interesting for you. We will write more in-depth articles about the topic that gets the most votes:

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Dr. Gene Emmer received a Doctorate in Physiology from SUNY Buffalo and a Masters in Management from MIT Sloan Business School. Dr Emmer is President of Med Services Europe. Med Services Europe designs and distributes innovative wheelchair accessories  for manual wheelchairs. Dr Emmer also authors a wheelchair blog  Med Services Europe's most recent wheelchair accessory is wUnderGlow Wheelchair Light a unique light designed for wheelchair safety and fun.


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