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Disability Articles

Interviews with well known or up and coming wheelchair users.

Interview with: Aaron Fotheringham
Vorstellung mit: Aaron Fotheringham (Deutsch)
Interview with: Stacy Kohut
Interview with: Vasi Stoica
Interview with: Tyler Deith
Interview with: Kees-Jan van der Klooster
Interview with: Marty Mayberry
Interview with: Martin Braxenthaler
Interview with: Zack Weinstein
Interview with: Brock Waidmann

Interviews with Disability Experts

Accessibility: Interview with an accessibility expert
Disability Law: Interview with a Disability Lawyer
Wheelchair Cruises: Interview with a Disability Travel Expert
Wheelchair Vans : What you need to know before buying a wheelchair van.

Articles of Interest about Wheelchairs

Wheelchair Sports:

Aaron Fotheringham Achieves World's First: Wheelchair Backflip
A Video Celebration of Wheelchair Athletes
Wheelchair Sports Videos
Paralympic Games

Wheelchair Products:

RehaDesign Gloves: Specially Designed for Active Wheelchair Users

Other Wheelchair Articles:

What To Carry in your wheelchair back
Lightweight Wheelchair: The world's lightest wheelchairs
Used Wheelchairs : Where can you donate a used wheelchair?
Exoskeletons for Wheelchair Users : These robotic legs introduce a new era for wheelchair users
Wheelchair Statistics : How many wheelchair users are there in the USA, Europe and the World?
Rigid Versus Folding Wheelchairs : Folding wheelchairs are convenient. So what are the advantages of rigid wheelchairs?
What is Assistive Technology? : Assistive technology is defined in this brief article
Wheelchairs: The Trend from Functionality to Individuality : How have wheelchairs evolved over the ages
History of Wheelchairs
Wheelchair Ramp : A guide to selecting a wheelchair ramp.
Wheelchair Cushion : What is the best wheelchair cushion for you?
Mobility Scooter : What are the advantages and disadvantages of a mobility scooter compared to a power wheelchair?
Wheelchair Lifts : The different types of wheelchair lifts for your wheelchair
Wheelchair Rental : Should you rent a wheelchair or take yours along with you?
Wheelchair Wheels : Get the coolest wheels for your wheelchair.
Transport Wheelchair : What is a transport wheelchair? How is a transport wheelchair dfferent from a regular wheelchair
Jobs For Disabled People : Having problems finding a job? Consider these 6 ideas about jobs for people with disabilities

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