Wheelchair accessories: innovative and cool wheelchair accessories by RehaDesign.

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Size Chart for RehaDesign Gloves

Measure your palm width below the knuckles, at the widest point as shown in the photo

The hand shown in the photo measures 7.5 cm and would take a Small size. If your size is on the boarder between two sizes, or if your two hands measure different sizes, consider selecting the smaller size as gloves may stretch slightly with use.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail


Measurement Guide For RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves

Children's Gloves are intended for children approximately 5-10 years old. After that, please see sizing chart.
6.0 - 7.0 cm 2.4-2.8 inch XSmall / Extra Klein / Petit
7.1 - 8.0 cm 2.8-3.1 inch Small / Klein / Tres Petit
8.1 - 9.0 cm 3.2-3.5 inch Medium / Mittel / Moyen
9.1 -10.0 cm 3.6-3.9 inch Large / Gross / Grand
10.1-11.0cm 4.0-4.3 inch XLarge/Extra Gross/Extra Grand
11.1-12.0cm 4.4-4.7 inch XXLarge / Riesig / Tres Grand


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