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RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves

RehaDesign Gel-Palm Wheelchair Gloves (photo above) have a high-tech design and ultra-light gel padded palms. Created to diminish impact force to the hand, these wheelchair gloves are made from quality soft leather with gel padding built into the palm. They have a terry sweat-wipe backing to wipe forehead when on the go.


RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Gloves (photo above) were developed for wet weather and sports, when sure grip is a must. Made from quality leather with stretch neoprene backing and textured palms for better traction. They are padded to protect thumbs and palms.


Ultra-Grrrip 4 Seasons Wheelchair Glove (photo above) is our newest wheelchair glove and the first RehaDesign full-finger wheelchair glove. Ultra-Grrrip 4 Seasons Wheelchair Glove has a textured palm for improved grip. This is a leather wheelchair glove with stretch neoprene backing. Similar in design and material as our popular Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Gloves, but since it is full-fingered, it is comfortable for year-round use.


Gloves For Wheelchair Users With Limited Hand Dexterity


RehaDesign Strap N Roll and RehaDesign Gator wheelchair gloves were designed to improve your push, protect your hands, with minimum loss of hand dexterity. These durable leather wheelchair gloves may be appropriate for quadriplegics or anyone who wants a lightweight leather wheelchair glove which offers maximum protection and grip, with minimum restriction of the hands. What makes Strap N Roll and Gator Gloves unique? See below:

There are two textured grip pads on the palm with a separation between them which gives a hinge-like effect. This makes the gloves more flexible and helps to place the grip pads optimally on the wheelchair push-rim. The lower grip pad improves traction, while the upper grip pad is for control.

The back of the hand is open leaving the knuckles of the hand free, thus minimizing restriction of the hand.

Strap N Roll has a strap closure which is designed to make closing easy. Gator glove opens wide to make it easy to get the hand into the glove.


Designed for maximum hand freedom, Flexi-Fit Wheelchair Gloves (photo above) are convenient for people with limited hand function such as quadriplegia / tetraplegia or stroke. These gloves open so wide, making it easier for many quadriplegics to put on. Flexi-Fit wheelchair gloves are very light and flexible. Made from quality neoprene, Flexi-Fit Wheelchair Gloves have a small textured area built into the palm for added grip. Because they are made of soft neoprene material, Flexi-Fit is not intended for very active use. For more active use, please consider Gator Gloves or Strap N Roll Gloves.


RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves can be shipped anywhere. You can buy now from this webshop or you may contact us and we will put you in touch with a dealer. If you are a dealer interested in carrying RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves, contact us for more information about our Wheelchair Gloves and other products. If you have a unique Wheelchair Accessory, we may be interested in offering it to our growing network of disability product dealers. Contact us and tell us about it. 

Customer Comments:

Anne Bradshaw, UK: Can I just say I have received my (RehaDesign Gel-Palm) Wheelchair Gloves and they are brilliant. I have had a Spenco pair for 15 years and have looked for a replacement with gel insets for a long time. I also love the enclosed thumb, my others were not like that and this saves wear and tear on my skin. What a great find !!


Tamsen, USA: I purchased a pair of Ultra-Grrrip 4 Seasons Wheelchair Gloves last winter. I have recently (like a year ago) found myself restricted to a chair. I decided if I am going to spend my time in it I am going to go top of the line (if i can). hence, the purchase of your gloves! They are the best pair of gloves I have ever owned. they fit awesome, they grip the wheelchair handholds with absolutely NO slippage, they look awesome, and they are incredibly warm! Thanks so much for making my first (besides the chair, of course) so easy, affordable and delightful!

George Godfrey, Peoria, AZ: My Gel-Palm gloves just arrived. They are teriffic !!! The fit is perfect, my hands feel great after a long run in my wheelchair. I'm looking forward to getting long useage out of them. I have neuropathy bad in both hands. When I have my gloves on, they feel 100% better. So not only do I handle my wheelchair much better but my hands feel so much better. They are still numb but the tingling sensation is gone.


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